Daily Posts- May 2

May 2- Day 630

Joyce had a good day. Physical Therapy came today and she just did okay but not one of her best days. Started Joyce on her ice chips today. When I got home Joyce was coughing alot I think the ice chips were giving Joyce a difficult time when she swallowed some may got down into her lungs which caused her to cough alot. The more she uses the ice chips the stronger her muscles will direct that water down the right path. She had a good night she slept well with no issues after her coughing for a while last night.

Daily Posts- May 1

May 1- Day 629

Joyce had a good weekened. We will be getting back her original caregiver which is great. I am having Joyce be more proactive in doing things, like unlocking her chair, turning lights on and off to get her use to doing things that develop coordination and muscle tone. She did all her exercises and was up in her mood and was happy to see Justina. Her nights were good and had no issues sleeping. She watched wizard of oz and the great and powerful oz she enjoyed these movies.

Continue to pray and send positive thoughts so that things continue to progress and that God keeps putting his loving hands on Joyce to heal her.

Daily Posts- April 28

April 28 – Day 626

Joyce had a good day. Got Joyce up early and ready fro her trip to Chapel Hill to see her doctor. Joyce was great for the whole ride there and back she really enjoyed it. She had her swallow study first. The doctor said it was not as good as last time so she wants us to just stick with ice chips and not give her any other thickening foods. Her muscles are not letting it go the right way and she doesn’t want her to bring stuff down into her lungs which could lead to other problems such as pneumonia.