February 3 – Day 1946 Joyce had a difficult day. Joyce did all of her exercises but Joyce’s is feeling ill coughing a lot and running a slight fever and she threw up a couple of times. So when I got home we went to go to urgent care but they close at 8 and even if your in the waiting and not back in a room they will not see you. The provider suggested to go to the E.R. We went there and it was jam packed we couldn’t get to a room in time for Joyce’s medicine so I will take her back tomorrow in the afternoon and hopefully it wont be as crowed. Joyce had a coughing episode at bedtime and threw up again but after that she cleared her congestion and went to sleep and sleep well through the night only waking up periodically. Continue to pray and send positive thoughts so that things continue to progress and that God keeps putting his loving hands on Joyce to heal her.